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-日乙提醒:岐阜FC至今失53球 防守联赛第二差

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:日乙提醒:岐阜FC至今失53球 防守联赛第二差


Start time: 2019-09-07 18:00

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The hunter analysis:


▪ FC 作 作 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜 岐阜However, they are still at the bottom of the standings, 7 points from the safe area.

▪ Chuanxi Xiangtai’s second round of the league is the biggest contributor to FC’s victory. This is the second time he has scored twice in the league this season, but they are all done on the road. The child does not receive particles at home.

▪ As of now, there are 4 teams in the J2 League who have lost 50+ goals, FC岐阜 is one of them, 53 goals are the second in the league; in the last 10 leagues, they Only one game can remain innocent.

▪ It is worth mentioning that FC’s last home win was also a 2-1 win over FC, but it was four months ago. Now they have won eight consecutive rounds of home games (2 draws and 6 losses), and recently they have suffered three consecutive opponents.


▪ The Tochigi SC last round defeated the Mito hollywood with a score of 0-3 at home, and the league has increased to 8 rounds. FC岐阜1 ranks second in the bottom, this is a veritable relegation battle.

▪ The Tochigi SC is the weakest attacking force in the J2 league, scoring 22 goals in 30 rounds, averaging only 0.76 goals per game. They have recently lost three consecutive rounds of the league and the offensive end is not worth seeing.

▪ Since April, the Tochigi SC has not won the game on the road. It has been 12 consecutive rounds (5 draws and 7 losses) and has lost conceded for 8 consecutive rounds. Only one of them lost the game. The number is less than 2 balls, which is an out-of-the-way away worm.

▪ The first round of the season, the Elm SC home 1-1 draw with FC 岐阜, nearly three times to maintain unbeaten. In addition, the last four visits by Tochigi SC have achieved a huge advantage of 3 wins and 1 draw. This "6-point battle" is expected to be successful.

Hunter data:


▪ FC's winning percentage in the last 10 games is 30%, the winning rate is 60%, and the winning ability Not bad.

▪ FC has 70% of the last 10 events.

▪ FC岐阜 has not scored 1 goal at home in three consecutive league matches.


▪ 枥木 SC has a winning percentage of 10% in the last 10 games, with a winning rate of 40% and a good winning ability.

▪ The Tochigi SC is currently the team with the fewest goals in the J2 league (22 rounds in 30 rounds).

▪ The Elm SC has been playing the game for the last 6 times in FC.

(Edit: Hunter-Ping)

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