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-逗妹吐槽:欧洲金靴奖颁奖典礼 梅西风头竟然被抢?!

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:逗妹吐槽:欧洲金靴奖颁奖典礼 梅西风头竟然被抢?!

Messi Family

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to sweep the

Messi European Golden Boot Awards Ceremony Small sacks to steal the mirror

@校长麦兜兜: "Comparatively, the total is simply an elegant little prince hahaha"

@SocoolM10: "Messi: Don't grab it! A lot of [laughs without words] [laughs without words]"

@-李翠花: "Sacks: I am mixed in the sand sculptures"

@ID Long can not find sssoooooowwwwevvll: "Goose people: 爹 爹 爹 爹 打 打 才能 才能 才能 才能 才能 才能 才能 才能 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , @p>

@西乡塘彦祖: "Take a guest, come and help guide the defensive counterattack."

@未名的薇薇: "Magic Birds each time as a guest of honor The technical and tactical analysis is worth watching. Unlike other commentators, the net says something is not there.

@outsider_al: "This season's Mourinho sits in the studio. A deep-eyed look at the side of the side of Solskja, full of eyes are their own shadow of last season"

@哈鲁田: "The pressure has come to your side of this Pu, lose is not, win also No, it has gone bad [doge]"

Reporter: Bell is likely to relapse, and the next two wars can not appear.

@Please call me aunt: "Every time It’s all like this. When you’re going to be sold at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season, you’ll be stunned. It’s hard to let everyone shut up, and you’re glass again”

@憨憨百怪怪MasamiAi: "Travel游小小鱼儿 [兔兔]"

@梅西不拿力神杯不改名: "Like Dembele, a golf game machine"



@科尔德瑞: "When you fly over a big gold chain and a cigar, the music is accompanied by la la la la"

@ELLAsueLucky: "Difficult to conceal temperament [喵喵][doge]"

@天帝夜夜: "I have seen, called Davis, chasing the half, almost slammed on Ronaldo"

People's Daily: Basketball Teaching What are the double standards?

@月桔: "Their freedom of speech = saying that they like to listen"

@彦祖吴12138: "What is an international superstar? Yang)"

@菜籽儿Z: "This incident has a new understanding of the players who have been arrogant, no matter what the purpose, this time dare to take risks, dare to follow the mainstream Those who sing the opposites and dare to speak to the weaker parties are all good. ”

Thick eyebrows: Old Zhan is a very early person who comes very early every day... Ah no, it’s very late, very late!

@是在喧哗:” Sure enough, I got to the card at 4:30, and went back at 5:30 [doge]"

@Give me a cup of cola and ice: "When you take a photo, you can go back to sleep and go back to sleep [doge] ]"

@黄W_W: "Tactical leaking mouth [doge]"

@丫 Look at your space for a long time, listen and so on: "Combine brethren, if you are held, you will 眨Blink [憧憬]”

The Lakers won the Warriors more than 30 points in the preseason to pay tribute to the doctor?


@饶大桐桐: "Eight eyebrows: Let me fall and fall, boring."

@405674: "Thinking about the eyebrows: I can win with eight points. I don't have to slash the group owners.

@Singularity on the reef: "Davis: After coming to Los Angeles, you can even win without sweating."


@LeBlanc's Crown: "The days of adapting to Sawyer [doge][doge][doge]"

Ross greets fans in Chinese

A fan Rose greeted Rose. At first, Ross did not respond. When the fans said that he was from China, Ross immediately returned a "hello" in Chinese. He had to say that Rose had affection for Chinese fans...

@年桑日月: "I am Jack [doge]"

@服搭短短: "This buddy forgot to say how to say Chinese in a moment"

Curry Thompson's sneakers have been studied for a long time. I haven't seen the imported goods~

@长大的shy: "Curry: This stuff will not wear it, Thompson: Take it over"

@周舟 is on the road to bumps: "Import is better than domestic ones"

@博文哥的世界2019: "Jian Lijian is about to give a big contract"

@大风吹呀Dian: "Thompson: how, new KT5 be right, good to wear, not expensive, much better than you Dema, or you take the ride relations, also signed Anta go? ”

Jordan is selling a villa with a listing price of $7.5 million

This half-mountain mansion was built in 2006 and has 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. It is about 900 square meters in size. It is equipped with gym, home theater, bar, parking for six Maserati garages, and a beautiful infinity pool outside the house.

@曼巴精神青史永留: "能Can't be cheaper than a dollar, if I can't say it. [doge]"

@乔斯特洛夫思麦: "I can afford to recycle to 7.49 million times"

@Only the wisdom of the river knows: "It must be Maserati, I can't stop Ferrari [doge][doge][doge]"

@The microblog was reported by many people: "I still don't buy it, I can't stop my tractor. "

@皮This is very happy south of the old Jason: "a little expensive, wait for a wave of double eleven"

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Since the ball, what is the most exciting memory? I want to remember the memory of TV 骂娘?

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